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I do each professional repair in my own workshop, and all work is guaranteed. With over 51 years of clock making experience, I am an expert in the field of horology, and my reputation is built upon such. I do the best I can for each and every customer, and honest and timely work is always expected. I repair virtually all types of clocks..........grandfather, wall, mantle, cuckoo and table top......mechanical, electric, or quartz. No clock is too old (the oldest I have done was hand made in the mid 1600's), and no clock is too new.


Due to the cost of replacing or rebuilding a grandfather movement, I recommend that grandfather clocks have professional "general service" (akin to changing the oil in your car) every four years so as to minimize wear. (All major manufacturers recommend service be done annually, which in the opinion of most experienced clockmakers is over kill.) Regular, consistent, and timely "general service" will save you grief and money in the long run. All others.....wall, mantle, cuckoo..... can go much longer between services, and don't need attention until they begin to slow down or otherwise give trouble.


Professionally rebuilding and/or restoring your clock is an art, and when "general service" is no longer an option, we are able to do just that.....completely rebuild and/or restore it to its once held glory. (Please see my two additional pages, Restoration Examples, and See How We Repair.) As you can see in the illustrations, everything is disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, inspected, bushed as needed, parts repaired or replaced, and otherwise completely overhauled. This takes years of experience and patience to do the job right. We have the experience, and we do the job right.


Service is different from repair. As explained above, service is preventive---before something goes and restoration is done after something has gone wrong. We do professional in home grandfather clock service, in which we take off the weights, pendulum, hands, and dial. Then remove the clock movement and use high powered magnification to see even the tiniest harmful abrasive. We then use picks, brushes, and compressed air to eliminate the unwanted dust and dirt. It is then inspected for wear or any abnormalities, followed by lubrication with the highest quality horological oil. Everything is then re-assembled, re-installed into the case, and set and checked for timekeeping. All this takes approximately and hour and a half from the time I walk in the door until I am ready to walk out.


If you are moving away, we professionally prepare grandfather clocks for long distance moves, which includes removing the pendulum and weights and securing them in pre-formed boxes designed for their safe keeping. We secure the chime rods and pendulum leader, as well as other delicate parts.

If you are moving in, we professionally unpack and set up your grandfather clock by leveling the cabinet, installing the weights and pendulum and removing any interior or exterior packing material. We then set and check your clock for time keeping. If needed, we can also service at the same time.


For short moves from one home to another, we professionally prepare, pick up, transport, and set up. We can also service at the same time.


Quartz clocks are typically not designed to be serviced. When they stop or begin to give trouble, we remove the worn out movement and replace it with a brand new one of exact or similar specifications.